Giveaway Win!

Thank you to librarything’s Early Reviewers giveaways and Scribe Publications for sending me a copy of Among the Lost by Emiliano Monge!

From Scribe Publications media release:

In the desolate wastelands between the sierra and the jungle, under an all-seeing, unforgiving sun, a single day unfolds as relentlessly as those that have gone before.  People are trafficked and brutalized, illegal migrants are cheated of their money, their dreams, their very names even as countless others scrabble to cross the border, trying to reach a land they call Paraiso.

In this grim inferno, a fierce love blossomed–one that was born in pain and cruelty, and one that will live or die on this day……”

I’ve already read the first two chapters and I am completely mesmerized!  Review coming soon!

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