Monday Mash-Up #035

The Week in General:

Be sure to check out my post about my latest Night Worms package!  As a lifelong horror fan, I have quickly fallen in love with this monthly subscription package and already I can’t wait for next month!

The Week in Books:

Nima by Adam Popescu — 3 out of 5 stars

The idea of the story drew me in:  a young girl wishes to escape her abusive home life and become a Sherpa on Mount Everest.  While the story moved along quickly and there were some interesting notes regarding the culture of Nepal (these being the only reasons it gets three stars from me), it sorely lacked any sort of emotional or character development.  Seriously, I’ve felt more emotions killing a fly than reading this book.  The author is a famed journalist and I do respect and admire that, I’ve just found that more often than not a journalistic career does not always translate well into a fiction writing career.  Just saying.

Red Dust:  A Path Through China — 2 out of 5 stars

I love a good travelogue.  I don’t care where in the world it takes me, I love reading about local culture, the author’s thoughts, struggles, and joys……

This book, well, did not make me happy, intrigued, or even mildly interested.

It’s never a good sign when it takes me over two months to read a 300 page book, especially in a genre that I enjoy.  While Red Dust offered some glimpses into early to mid 1980’s Chinese culture and turmoil, that was all they were, mere glimpses.  Instead, I learned way too much about the author not being able to keep his dick in his pants, how he has little respect for hard working people in the middle of nowhere….basically, the author comes across as an arrogant ass who traveled around for three years and didn’t really give a shit about any of it.  Yes, three years of traveling around China and we get a self-absorbed narrative that doesn’t really focus on anything.  The writing was at best disjointed and random.  I won’t even blame translation issues on this, it was just poorly written and not meant to be the so-called travelogue it claims to be.   Too bad, there was some potential with the idea but very poorly executed.

It’s getting closer to my favorite time of year!!  Do you have a favorite horror story or movie??  Let me know!!

And until next time, Happy Reading!!

One thought on “Monday Mash-Up #035

  1. Mishell vincent

    I love your book reviews, wish I could put into words my own thoughts on books as well as you, always enjoy an honest review from you.
    Thanks friend


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